Lisa Pifer


Born and raised in Baker County, FL in the town of Glen St. Mary Lisa grew up on a working family farm. A true country farm girl! Although born legally blind, Lisa never let that stop her from pursuing her passion. She has adapted, adjusted and overcame.

Lisa discovered her passion for painting and drawing at a young age. Early medium she primarily painted with oils and drew with Prismacolor pencils. Her love for art continued throughout her school years. After graduating high school during the summer, Lisa studied under Gene Barber where she learned so much. With the love and support of her parents and family she decided to pursue her dreams as an artist. Lisa then applied to and was accepted into the Florida School of Arts located in Palatka, FL where she studied under the guidance of Gene Robards, Phil Parker, and David Ouelette. During her studies at the Florida School of Arts Lisa was awarded “Most Outstanding Student of the Year”. In 1996, Lisa graduated with honors when she completed her Associate in Science Degree in Fine Art. After graduation Lisa was offered an internship which she stayed for a period of one year.

During her career Lisa has received many awards, including “Best in Show” & numerous placement ribbons. Lisa is very proud of the work she has accomplished as an artist and she hopes you enjoy her art.